• Hey all I have an issue, I can't seem to get anyone on flippa to leave me feedback. It seems that once the sale is done I get paid, transfer the site then thats it. I can't even get a response from them after the sale. Did I do something wrong here. One guy paid for a site then got banned from flippa and I still hold the site. I can't even get a response from him since he got banned before the deal over yet he still paid weird but never responds to emails. What do you do to get feedback. I think it is time to go back into the guide.
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  • You're always going to have people who aren't nice enough to leave you feedback regardless of how smooth the transaction was. I'd just keep bugging them (nicely) until they leave feedback. You might even write a "suggestion" of what to leave. I'd also normally get an email/phone/skype for people I do deals with. The more you build a personal relationship with them, the better and you hopefully will work with them in the future.
  • Thanks Chris for the advise.