Is it ethical to sell hosting and licenses to software on site selling after sale?
  • Is it ethical to sell your site and offer to sell them backend services such as hosting the site or other sites or licenses to software/plugins that are on the site under your affiliate?

    It could even pay to sell the site at a lower price point (not intentionally of course) to encourage them to buy the hosting or other licenses from you.

    I was thinking for me specifically since I don't like to backlink, maybe my sites will sell low but I can make it up in backend sales??
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  • You can certainly make money with the backend sales. However, I wouldn't only count on that for the money in the deal. Some people will have their own hosting already or software that you want to sell. In some cases you can get the referral commission by the buyer purchasing the additional items and some times you won't.
  • It's definitely ethical as long as you're recommending things that are of high value that the buyer will need anyway. I don't think it's a bad strategy to break even on site sales to make money on the backend from providing hosting or affiliate commissions. Just watch your numbers to make sure things are converting on the backend.

    I've also seen people selling sites that promote resell rights or are affiliate sites for products they own!
  • I have seen this used in flippa listings as well. Some seller would ad affiliate offers in the footers of website. Not sure how long that would last though once the buyer made changes to the site.
  • It's amazing how easy it is for buyers to overlook things on their site (especially if it's buried in sub-pages). I've made that mistake and have learned to go through any outbound links on any site I buy.