• I've started looking through completed auction listings on Flippa, trying to get a feel for the value of different sites.

    While I was doing this, I've recorded the stats of listings in a spreadsheet for future reference.

    Thought I'd post the link to it in Google Docs, in case it's helpful to others here.

    Week of Aug 18

    At the moment it contains 20 sites where the auctions have ended either yesterday or today.

    Visitors have the ability to edit (I have another copy in Excel in case values get changed) so they can sort by different metrics.

    At the moment the document records:

    Website address, auction URL, sale price, net profit, multiple, number of bids, number of times a site has been relisted, established date, unique visits/month, PR, Alexa rank, mozRank, SEMRush, number of Yahoo backlinks, how the is monetized (ads, product/service, or affiliate), and short comments by me (not intended as an analysis - just my thoughts at the time).

    I don't really know what mozRank and SEMRush are at the moment (I've read the descriptions but don't fully understand the underlying ideas yet since I haven't done much reading on SEO), but I recorded them anyway to get a sense of what normal values are for sites in this range.

    Obviously there are far more listings ending each day than I can cover, so I'll begin narrowing my focus to look at different categories.

    For example, sites that have PR3 and profit over $55 (what sites would look like if one followed the "text link" strategy in KFS).

    Or sites that have no revenue, are PR0, low traffic, and are a couple of months old (seems to be pretty common for people starting out to have some sites like this).

    In the future I might ignore auctions with fewer than 10 bids (thinking that a higher number of bids may give a better indication of market value).

    That auction of 40 autoblogs reminded me of a video I saw recently where Marc Dussaut described a strategy of building up a portfolio of 50 websites, getting them to the point of earning about $1/day from Adsense, and then further monetizing them with affiliate sales. Interesting approach in that making $1/day from Adsense doesn't sound too difficult to do, but I have to wonder about the management of so many sites. Seems like too many to really focus and do something of real value with them.
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  • This is some great information. Thanks for sharing all your hard work. After doing the research, how do you plan to put the information into action?
  • Hi Chris,

    I want to use my current resources to best effect, so I'll be looking for small online businesses to buy where I can see an opportunity for adding value.

    I'll do quick flips in the context of a larger plan (when I need to raise more money or supplement my income). I don't want to make it my primary focus because my underlying desire is for freedom, and flipping sites by itself can just become a replacement job.

    I'm aware of the danger of analysis paralysis, and I'm constantly checking to make sure I'm continuing to make tangible steps forward and not stalling.
  • Here's an interesting auction (currently ongoing):

    https://flippa.com/2646751-pr3-entertai ... -per-month

    Nice design but not well organized (could really use a category view or tags), lots of content, high traffic, interesting niche, has a mailing list, brandable domain name.

    Some things I wonder about:

    The site is a relist. Previous listing was a month ago (looks like the buyer didn't pay). At the time he installed GA, so it has one month of data since then.

    Analytics shows over 300k unique visits for the month but a 53% referral traffic (most of it coming from 3 sites). Apparently these are traffic exchange sites. I'm not really familiar with these - is this something to stay away from?

    Bounce rate is about 84% and avg time spent on site is 50s. Apparently this is a side effect of traffic exchanges.

    I noticed 2 obnoxious ads - a mouse over that pops up a small window with autoplaying video with sound and a completely new browser window that pops up every now and then (promoting one of the referring sites). I'm assuming that if I got rid of those it would affect the monthly revenue, but I don't know how much of an impact it would make (though it might reduce the bounce rate).

    Copyright issues seem very likely with images on the site.

    Seller's listed country is Serbia.
    Registrant contact info is protected but lists a fax number in LA.

    The most recent articles in Sept and August have some comments where the time stamps are dated from a year ago.
  • Sorry I didn't get to this post before the site sold. Did you buy it or someone else?
  • I didn't go after this one - I mentioned it here because the % of referring traffic and the use of traffic exchanges was interesting.
  • I'm not familiar with the specific traffic exchange this site is using. As a buyer, I'd want to see that any traffic generated from those are converting into clicks, sales, etc. Most of the time, this isn't the case.