Do you hide your identity?
  • Whether you are buying a site from DP or selling a site on Flippa, do you hide your identity?

    I created my Flippa account yesterday, but before I did I went through several auctions to see what other people were using as their Flippa name. 99% of the people that I saw used something not related to their name and most did not use a picture.

    I actually went through the auctions that ended sold and sorted by highest price. I was surprised to see some of the names of people selling the sites. They weren't at all professional and most of them did not have a picture.

    One would think if you used your name or a professional name at least and a picture, you would get more trusting bidders.

    What do you think and/or what do you do?
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  • I use a business logo/business name.

  • I have a domain name I registered that will be used for flips. I will use a smaller version of the logo I create for the website.
  • You can always create a fake name and grab a photo from some random foreign social network.

  • No, I wouldn't want to create a fake name or use someone else's photo.

    I want to be as professional about flipping as possible.

    My reason for asking is because I wasn't sure if there is some good reason to hide your identity. Is there?
  • There are a lot of reasons, but mainly for the fact of privacy.

  • I guess I'm just not understanding why people want privacy unless there is something I am missing.

    I want to offer my buyers support and 1 on 1 phone chats. They obviously will know me then.

    I also want to show potential buyers I am a real person and not someone trying to scam them.

    I haven't ever flipped a site or been involved in this business. I am just trying to understand if there is a reason for so many nameless flippa sellers and what the "pros" of this forum do and why.
  • Privacy is always a major concern. There are a lot of crazy people on the internet. With as little as your name, you would be amazed at how easy it is to find out someones home address, email address, phone number, place of employment, boyfriend/girlfriend, etc...
  • Right. I understand privacy concerns, but this is only about your name on Flippa.

    I would be more willing to buy from John Smith or Bob R., rather than, smokinblunts420 and snotrag50.

    Also, I would rather buy from someone who posted a picture on Flippa. Yes, some of these pictures might not really be them, but I trust that more than a none picture profile.

    The main thing I want to know is. Would the pro flippers give out their Flippa profile names? If not... why?
  • Have you actually come across someone named smokinblunts420 or snotrag50? lol...

    There are some people who might be put off by those types of screen names, but I would care more about the quality of the listing, as well as the website the person is selling. There will always be people that don't like your listing, no matter what you do, and you will never be able to please everyone.
  • Ok so maybe those names are a little extreme. I just went through and found some names like: (and sorry if these are anyone here!)


    Now obviously what they pick as their name is up to them. I am not talking bad about their name at all!

    Basically I am trying to learn what the people who do this as a business do. If you are just signing up on Flippa to sell a site or 2.. sure go ahead and make your name balloonboy. But if you want to do this as your business, which is what some people do here, wouldn't you want to use your name or business name?
  • Everyone has reasons for their privacy, and luckily, in the industry we are in it is relatively easy to achieve.

    It's really down to your own personal preference. Arguably, being "you" is important to build trust with your clients and can make an auction seem more "legit".

    As Trinity mentioned early in the thread, if you are concerned about privacy then setup a company as your personal front. This is a good trade off between exposing yourself (and private life) or being completely anonymous/fake person.

    If you are a "company" it already builds trust with potential clients and adds a professional element to the whole transaction.
  • This arguement seem to be about Ethics/Religious Ethics and Business.Finding a meeting point between the two of them seem to be a never-ending challenge for Internet marketers.That's why I think we have dichotomy of methods such as BlackHat and WhiteHat.
    I have the same mindset as Brent,and am still brainstorming what name I will be using for my Flippa business or whether or not I should use my picture (I am black,and some few folks may just not like the idea of buying from black,although,that may not be the case if you really have a good offer).

    Brent,let's see it this way.Is Brent Jacoby your real name? Do you use your real name for your free emails' username and for membership registrations at such sites as WarriorForum,DP or even here on FlippingNetwork?The internet seem to have set the standards and everyone have had to fall in line with that standard.You want to register at a site,and you are asked to fill your FIRST AND SECOND NAME,and then,a USERNAME.You get the point...?

    I think you should do what your conscience tells you.You are at liberty to use your real name,or any name you choose.Hey,but I don't agree you should anybody else's avatar or logo would probably be more appropriate.

    Let's hear the experts speak.

    Adetola Julius (this is my real name !!!)