Question on transfering domain name
  • I am going to list an auction with 3 sites on it. 2 domains are registered with namecheap and 1 domain is with 1and1. All sites are hosted on hostgator.

    I have never sold a site before so I hear you are supposed to have the buyer open an account with the registrar...but in my case I have 2 registrars.

    Is that asking alot for them to open 2 accounts. Or can I transfer the 1and1 to namecheap prior to there a cost to me to do that?

    I don't expect these sites to sell for much so I want to keep my costs down.
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  • I'd say you don't want to transfer the domain before selling because sometimes registrars put a hold on a domain for 60 days after doing that. Your buyer shouldn't have an issue with creating 2 accounts.