Value of Zero Traffic & Revenue Sites
  • Since folks new to flipping frequently go after lower value sites as they learn, here are some statistics that might help you determine the value of some of the sites you might see.

    After doing a survey of 201 sites sold on Flippa in September that are:

    1 month old or less
    No traffic (the sites may, in fact, have had traffic but if they did, the seller listed it as being zero)
    No revenue (as above)

    ...I found that the average price of successful auctions was $143 and the median was $99 (there were 100 sites sold that were lower than $99 and 100 sites sold that were higher).

    Another survey of 201 sites that are:

    1 to 12 months old
    No declared traffic
    No declared revenue

    The stats for these are all over the place, ranging from $1 to over $5,000. The average price of those sites was $325 and the median was $175. Some of these sites were higher than PR0.

    If you're going after cheap sites, keep in mind that the value of a site with $1 revenue is frequently lower than a brand new site with zero revenue and traffic.
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  • RE: Value of sites from 1 month to 12 months old

    So after I scraped the values of the results pages, I knew that some would be bogus - that there would be some networks (multiple sites being sold under one auction) tossed in, some that had revenue, etc. I didn't think there would be enough to skew the averages too much though. I was REALLY REALLY wrong!

    I had a careful look at sites that sold for over $300 this morning and found that MOST of them had inaccurate listings - lots of networks and lots of sites that had revenue/traffic that the seller didn't declare.

    After updating the list (still, take it with a grain of salt - I didn't check all of them), the new average is $186 and the new median is $145.
  • Great information. It's always a challenge pulling these numbers directly off of Flippa. What I'd recommend is to start keeping track of every site you look at and punch the numbers in yourself or even just look at the 3rd party numbers like the alexa, compete, etc. Sellers on Flippa are notorious for putting in inaccurate data (often in an attempt to inflate their traffic or earnings).