Let's get to know one another
  • Hello to everyone who reads this. I just read the PDF and I am extremely anxious to get my flipping business started. I will be honest I have never built a website, I have done some coding in the past but nothing serious and I have never taken a site from conception to market. I have been teaching myself quite a lot. It is amazing what you can learn for free.

    I am anxious to begin the art of flipping sites and/or building and selling. I will have many questions believe me. I grasp things rather quickly but you will have to dumb down the tech talk a little.

    What I do have experience in is graphic design. I studied it in college so I know what is appealing to the eye. Also I have a strong business background so I understand the bottom line.

    If anyone has any tips, tricks, shortcuts, to shorten the "curve" I appreciate it. If there is anything I can offer I will contribute in any way I can.
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  • Hi Kevin,

    Great to have you on here. I'm always available to answer questions and will do my best not to get too techie. The forum is loaded with tips, tricks, and shortcuts so have a look around!