Flippa Trust Factor - Linkedin
  • "You have linked your LinkedIn profile with your Flippa account, but it doesn't appear to be very established, so you get +2. Connect with more users of LinkedIn for more points."

    I believe I 4 connections currently on linkedin.

    Does anyone know how many you need to receive higher flippa trust rank from Linkedin?

    Would anyone be interested in helping each other get more connections on linkedin to raise our flippa trust rank?

    We could all connect to each other and help everyone raise their flippa trust rank.
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  • There are other ways to raise your trust rank. Just use proxies to create multiple linked in accounts to boost it.

  • I am not concerned enough to use proxies to create multiple linked in accounts.

    I thought it would be helpful to everyone, if we all connected to each others linkedin account.

    Anyways. If anyone is interested feel free to post here or send me a pm. I'll connect with anyone to help each other out.
  • I'm not sure on the actual exact calculation used - I will ask the Flippa guys next time I speak to them.

    As for a linkedin network on here, why not. I wouldn't be too concerned about trust rank - it's quite a misleading calculation if you ask me (ie your linkedin profile has more weighting than your quantity of feedback).
  • Connecting linkedin accounts exposes personal information. Most people would like to remain anonymous so my suggestion is for others.

  • Brent - I just friended you on LinkedIn. :)
  • Thanks cornflower. ;p