• If you flip a site, and let's say you have really done your job with SEO. For you seasoned pros here is my question:

    Do you offer to continue "optimizing" that site for the person you sold it to, for a fee of course, so that the site continues to be successful or is it "good luck"?

    This might be common sense but I'm new so go easy on me.
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  • There are a few ways you can approach this.
    1.) Saying "good luck" is ethical as long as you've done seo that won't die after a month of them taking over the site.
    2.) Provide them a "training manual" that outlines exactly what they should do to maintain their ranking.
    3.) Offer say 3 months of SEO service as a bonus for offering a certain price.
    4.) Get a site earning a good amount and charge for your SEO services at a rate that still makes the site profitable for the buyer if they keep you on.

    You just need to be careful about guaranteeing anything because you never know how a buyer might screw up a site. Does that help answer your question?