How much should I say?
  • I bought a cheap expired domain with some pr and backlinks, with the plan to rebuild and sell it asap.

    What I'm wondering is, how upfront should I be in the auction sales copy about the site's history? If I say 'I bought this as an expired domain and tossed some autocontent onto it a week ago' it doesn't sound too good.

    But on the other hand it seems unethical to sell the site without the buyer knowing that the content on the site now is different than the original content that got the pr and backlinks in the first place.

    What's the best way to handle this when I go to sell it?

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  • If you're planning to sell it at auction, here are a few things to consider.

    1.) Your established date will likely need to be the same as the new creation date on the domain or Flippa may signal that in your auction.
    2.) With such a short established date, people are going to wonder how you got PR and backlinks so fast.
    3.) You could list the established date as something older, but people are going to ask why and you'll need an explanation.
    4.) Smart buyers are going to figure out the whole story even if you don't tell them.

    If you don't reveal it, then you're basically hoping a non-savvy buyer pays you a premium for the site. It all boils down to what you feel is ethical. This is really a personal preference because there are shades of gray and justifications either way.