Do you give bad feedback?
  • My auction is about done and the buyer has been a complete pain in the a$$ the whole time. I could go into detail but this would turn into a long rant about what a jerk this guy is and would be no fun.

    I'd love to give this loser some stinking bad feedback but of course I'm nervous about him finding some reason to give me the same, if I piss him off.

    Do you generally just always give good feedback anyway, in order to keep yours positive? Any general advice about giving/getting feedback? Is it dangerous to give bad feedback?
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  • Here are some things to consider:
    1.) Has the buyer already left you feedback? If they haven't, you giving them bad feedback will automatically give them incentive to give you bad feedback.
    2.) Could the buyer chargeback their payment to you? Don't give bad feedback until this is totally off the table.
    3.) Make sure you have a strong case. Remember the buyer has the "dispute sale" option. If you've done anything in the "gray area" when you sold, this is risky for you.

    My rule of thumb is to try to keep my relationship with buyers ending well. Even if there are some bumps along the way, it's important for both parties to be satisfied when everything is done. Sometimes that means giving no feedback rather than negative feedback.