How to transfer stats?
  • When buying a site for an immediate flip, how to you get access to the old stats for the site, in ga or otherwise? I've looked around a bit and found out that ga stats can't be transferred, but admin access can be given. Is that access just to one site? Can the ga stats be exported as a csv and then imported? How about server stats or awstats?
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  • Answering my own question: this is discussed on page 63 of KFS. Ask the seller for read-only access to google analytics and use it for the verified analytics data feature on flippa
  • Glad you found the answer!

    The challenge is that if the seller didn't have the analytics in its own analytics "account" and they gave you admin access you'd also get access to any other sites in that same account. If we only got read only access after buying a site, we always put each site in its own analytics account for this reason.
  • So you mean a separate google account with it's own gmail and everything, tied to it's analytics account?

    I just bought a site and the owner did give me read-only rights to the analytics and I got into the acct and looked around, but confused about what to do with it now. Should I start a new, separate google account now and begin gathering stats anew? Then when I go to sell the site in a week or so, how to show both old and new on the Flippa listing? How long do people generally keep the stats available, I mean the person I bought it from, he has to keep that access open but eventually will want to delete it from his account?
  • One google account can have multiple analytics accounts. ... ts-vs.html

    In your case, what you'd end up with is read-only access to the old account which you'd only need for historical data purposes. Going forward you'll install new analytics code in a fresh analytics account.