When can I call my design unique?
  • I was wondering, how much does a wordpress theme have to be tweaked, to be able to call it 'unique' on a flippa listing?

    If I take a free theme and add a custom logo, background and a few css tweaks, is it unique?

    For my own sites I like to make a child theme and do css tweaks on it's style page, but I'm wondering if that's the best way to do a site to sell? Is it better to make my css tweaks to the original theme? Do people like to buy a site with a child theme like that?

    I guess this is a couple of questions: when is a design unique? Is a child theme a good way to go? If I make my own child theme is it 'unique'?
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  • 1.) I'd say a unique header and logo and a few css tweaks makes your site a unique design. As long as no one else's website will look exactly like yours out of the box, you're good.
    2.) I don't think child vs. parent theme is a major factor for most buyers. I'd stick with the best practices of using the child theme though.