Questions about link sales
  • I'm thinking about selling some links on a couple of my sites but the world of link sales is a little confusing. Just a couple of questions:

    What does OBL mean?

    Why do links in posts go for cheaper than blogroll links? I thought a link in a blog post or article was a lot more valuable than a site-wide blogroll or footer link, but the going prices on dp seem to be the opposite.

    Like in this ad for example:

    I want to sell Blogpost / Blogroll PR3 | PR4 Business Sites with Low OBL:
    My Rates:
    Blogpost: $10 You write, $15 I write
    $15/3 months,
    $25/ 6months,
    $60 Permanent

    Is the blog post assumed to be permanent?

    thx for your help[hr]
    Another example:

    Selling blogroll and blogpost Site Home PR 3 Low OBL and Cheap Price.
    $20 / year
    $35 (permanent)

    Blog Post/Review PR3
    1 Site
    Price :$4 you write
    Price :$6 I write

    Is the $4 and $6 in addition to the link price $20 or $35?
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  • OBL = outbound links. Fewer outbound links = higher value.

    Unfortunately I can't answer for certain about your questions regarding the ads. You'll need to contact the sellers to get clarification.
  • Yes as Chris stated. when selling links you will across that question a lot as it really pertains to blog comments. The more people you got linking for that same page the less amount of juice you get since it shared amongst all who have a link there.