buying high ticket site?
  • Where would you go to get a site for around $15-20k that puts out around 2-3k in revenue a month? I was looking at flippa but wanted to know if there are any others. thanks.
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  • I've seen Chris suggest 'buy a business' type sites rather than 'buy a website'.
  • What you are talking about is going to be tough to find on marketplaces like Flippa unless you're willing to buy sites that have only been making $2k-$3k/month for a very short time. For a $2k-$3k/month site you're likely going to need to pay between $24,000 and $42,000.

    However, if you can get good at monetizing and improving sites. There's no reason you couldn't find a site making $500/month and get it to $2k-$3k/month within a few months.