where to check adsense keywords prices?
  • So, from what I know the when someone clicks on an adsense ad you get paid based on the keywords that are used.

    first of all, they keywords have to be in the artlicle on the page and then the ads are shown to match them, thats why you need a keyword rich article, correct?

    secondly, what sites are the best to check the value of adsense keywords?

    lastly, is there really competition for the highest paying keywords, this one site for sale claimed a few keywords earned them over $20 per click and there lucky becuause there is usally a lot competition, is this true?
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  • 1.) This is part of the system, but the ads are also adjusted according to the specific visitor's browsing history. For instance, if they searched for something related to Golf earlier that day, they may see a golf adsense ad on your basketball site.
    2.) Google's traffic estimator tool https://adwords.google.com/o/Targeting/ ... earch.none
    3.) The reason a keyword has high clicks is because a lot of advertisers are willing to pay a lot of money for that traffic. This typically makes them competitive on the SEO side as well.