Hello From Africa
  • Warm Greetings to All Prospective and Active Flippers here.

    Thomas et al have got to be the "real deal" when it comes to flipping website.I skimmed through the their immediately I ordered for their book this morning,and Wooow....so much different from the crap I got from a fellow Warrior some three weeks ago for a private coaching.The difference between the two is like the difference between night and day.
    One issue that I will need to sort out here quickly is how to accept payment for my flippped sites at Flippa since Escrow and PayPal don't allow my country.
    I was playing with the idea of allowing a fellow Warrior or a trusted friend receive my payments into his PayPal account but I want to be sure it is not fraught with dangers.
    I welcome everyone here,and hope we would all make it a thriving,yet very cleanand rewarding industry.

    Love from Nigeria