How much this site of mine would bid for?
  • Hi guys,

    I have set up a microniche site on 23-Sep-2011 which has 4 articles along with standard pages like contact, privacy etc..

    Until now, I have not done anything on SEO, never tried to build a single back link.. Right now, I have 145 page visits, 450 page views and most importantly the site already has made me 14$ until today..

    While I know that a bit of SEO definitely boosts the ranking, simultaneously the earnings, I would like to know your opinion the best bid you can expect for such kind of site on flippa... The site is 'Time Card Template'

    Thanks for your time.

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  • Before I give you my opinion of the value, I'd like to teach you how to value sites. If your plan is to sell this site on Flippa, your first step is to search for sold sites with similar age, traffic numbers, and revenue numbers. After you do that, post back in here with your findings of what they are selling for.
  • Hi Chris,

    The search gives me barely any results.. Does that mean that these type of sites can never be sold at Flippa?
  • That's not a great sign but you might consider expanding your search criteria a little more. The site could sell, but you're probably not going to get more than $200 or so from it in my opinion. What you might want to consider is building a few more sites like this that all are making around $10/month. That would give you a little network of sites making say $50/month you could sell for $500-$1000.
  • Hi Chris,

    It makes sense..! What if I include another site I already have earning around 40$ which accumulates to 50$.

    The other site I am talking about is a forum already has around 2100 registered memebers, 8k visitors per month, but has a very low CTR and CPC.. Do you think this combination works?

  • Yes, I believe this can work well. You'll want to wait until both sites have 2 full months of earnings assuming the earnings are consistent or increasing.