How bad an idea is it to buy a site withough Google Analytics
  • When searching for sites on DP marketplace, one of the filters allows you to remove sites that do not include Google Analytics.

    What are the issues of buying a site without Google Analytics?
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  • Using google analytics proves that you have ownership of the site. If you find a site that your interested in and the seller has not uploaded the Analytics to prove ownership simply ask if the seller will do so before you make a purchase. In some cases I noticed that some DP sellers use other sources for tracking like wp count etc. I try to make it a habbit to get analyitcs for my own personal reasons but for sure you want all past data on the site or else it might as well be considered new with no traffic. Because on flippa by not having that kind of data can really hurt your auction bids.
  • Cheers Blillard...I just noticed my awful spelling on this post title...embarassing. I also found this on another thread:

    It can be tough to know if the traffic is real vs. bot traffic, but look for anything in the logs that would indicate a ton of the traffic is from one source/country/ip/etc. If you are worried about doctored screenshots ask to do a web meeting where the seller shares their screen and/or ask for access to their stats. Keep in mind, anything can be faked including Google Analytics so if something doesn't look "quite right" be sure to do what you can to get comfortable before you buy.