Importance of TLD and ownership
  • I'd like to know your thoughts on two domain-related issues:
    [*]How important is it to go for TLDs when looking for sites to flip? [/*:m]
    [*]How important is it to verify domain ownership before purchasing (many of DPs sites are not verified)?[/*:m]
    [*]Is there a way to verify domain ownership if the seller has not done it themselves?[/*:m][/list:o]
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  • Found this on another thread for anyone (like me) who needs help:

    [If the domain is not verified], you'll want to verify the seller actually owns the site and isn't trying to sell a site they don't own. There are a couple ways to do that:
    a.) Send an email to the contact email listed on the "whois" record of the domain and ask the seller to tell you what the contents of that email were.
    b.) Create a file (name it anything you want like test1234.html) and ask the seller to upload it into the web directory of the site. Then you can go to

    If the seller can do both of these for you, it's a very good chance they actually own it.

  • Glad you found the answer to your questions.

    Regarding #1:
    I usually try to stick with .com, .net, .org, or They are the easiest to sell later. If a site has quality traffic or some other asset I want, I may consider others like .info which I could then do a search engine friendly domain switch to an aged domain.
  • Thanks Chris, that confirms what I'd found already. I'm looking forward to my budgets growing a little and having a bit more spending power!
  • Usually the seller will verify ownership on DP if you just ask in the thread.
  • Yes but they need to be able to upload a file or reply to the email address in the registration info (quickly) in order to show that they truly own the domain.