(Almost) My First Foray into Flipping with a $75 PR3 Domain/Site
  • Through DP marketplace, I found a little PR3 site (basically a landing page linking to an affiliate product on CB) for $75. The seller had a good rep (+110, almost all positive, recent activity) and it looked like an alright deal for a first-time flipper. However, he only verified ownership by replying to my email and would only show a single screenshot of Awstats.

    I was on the point of pulling the trigger but I held back and instead offered $65 for the domain but only after he transferred it to me (I already had the content downloaded) or $45 if he wanted payment up front.

    So...he took the $65?

    No, actually he decided he could make money by keeping the site and took it off the market. He was almost insulted by my offer of $65. Could it have been a winner? Yes, perhaps but it could just as easily have been $75 down the pan for me.

    For once in my life I'm going to slow down and try to do this right. I agree, you can't wait for all your traffic lights to turn green before you start your journey but it pays to do your homework, go through the motions and above all (particularly when flipping sites it would seem) be suspicious.

    Chris provides a checklist in the VIP section for those about to buy a site and states that if he gets one flag, he becomes suspicious. If he gets more than three, then he walks away. There are loads of sites out there so I'm going to try not to get too carried away.

    I almost felt guilty getting this guy to send all these things to me before I handed over a fairly paltry sum, but its money wasted if you don't and to be honest, its probably a good idea to be suspicious of anyone who balks at your requests.
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  • Here are a few thoughts after I read this. Only offer at or below what you feel a site is worth. Often sellers have emotion attached to a site and makes it tough to get a good price in some cases. I never take deals personally. If it works, great and if not, I walk away and wish the seller good luck. They might be able to find another buyer who does feel the site is worth their asking price, but I stick to my systems and my numbers. In some cases, I could have paid 2 or 3 times what a seller was asking so it can work both ways.