Flip #1: Site purchased and plan in place
  • After purchasing the eCourse on Friday night, I read through, took notes and jumped onto DP forums.

    I almost picked up a PR3 'site' (basically a single page on a domain) for $75 but I wanted to pay less and the seller decided to keep it.

    In the end, I got a PR3 UFO/Alien blog (www.reportsUFO.com) for $100 (BIN price of $150) with 2500 uniques in October. The seller had a good rep, recent transaction, was able to verify the domain for me and was able to quickly (>5 mins) provide screens of traffic, including robot pings and countries.

    The site looked a bit ugly, so I dumped the old theme and put up a nice one from Elegant Themes. As per the 7-day plan, I then put my Adsense code in place and advertised both text link ads and banner ads on DP forums today.

    So far, I've had one person contact me about text link ads. I'm going to google my top keywords, see what appears in PPC results and contact those businesses as well.

    I'd like to make this a quick flip as I can't really generate any content (all unique articles written by the former owner) but if I can't sell the ads in 7 days, I think I'll keep hold of it and try to boost PR, traffic and give myself longer to make a few advertising sales or bring in other monetization methods. I can then flip it at the end of the month.

    As a first attempt, I'd like to break-even but it would be great to make a bit of money. Based on what I've seen on Flippa, I should be able to move it on for at least $150 (with proven earnings) but it would be nice to get it making a bit of cash and therefore make a bit of money in the process.

    Got a long way to go yet!
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  • It sounds like you've got a solid start. Keep going with your current plan and let us know if you hit any roadblocks.
  • So...think I might have bought a dud.

    ReportsUFO.com is a news blog that was claiming about 262 uniques/day. I've installed Google Analytics and in the past 3 days, I've had a grand total of 1 Danish visitor.:dodgy:

    I asked the owner how he had been promoting the site and he told me, he'd write a post and then social bookmark it on Digg, StumbleUpon and Reddit. He was quick getting his stats back to me and has been pretty helpful. If his traffic is all social media then it would make sense that it has fallen to nothing now that I'm not promoting it in the same way. Correct?

    My problem here is that I don't want to write about UFOs and particularly don't want to be chasing news stories.

    With no search-engine traffic, am I more or less stuck? Should I invest a bit of time, effort and money marketing the site as per the 30-day plan with the hope of flipping it thereafter?

    I've not had any luck selling Text Link Ads on Digital Point and can't find any PPC advertisers for my top keywords. I'm thinking about writing a few posts like "The Best 6 Alien Abduction Movies In The History of Mankind" (Cracked.com format post, hot keyword in the title). These can get Dugg up pretty easily and I can happily load in a few Amazon modules.

    Other than that, I'm drawing a blank here. Totally beginner to the game so I'd love to know what you think! The site cost $100 so it isn't the end of the World if I don't break even. I've certainly learned a few things (I'll review the whole process once the site is gone) but would love to know where you recommend going next.
  • What isn't ideal is that you don't have traffic to work with so this is similar to starting from scratch with an aged domain that has backlinks. At this point, you need to decide how much you'd like to make from this one. If you'd like to simply break even, you might want to consider selling it just for the PR value. If it goes well, you could get $150 to $250 for the site as-is. Here's a search on flippa for similar PR3 type sites https://flippa.com/buy/search?sort_col= ... status=won

    If you'd like to do something more with it, I liked your idea. In addition, you might also consider something like the following:

    1.) Setup a google alert for something like "ufo sightings" so you'll get the news automatically sent to you.
    2.) Write your own quick summary of the sighting and post it on the site.
    3.) Social Bookmark the heck out of the post.
    4.) Go around related forums talking about the sighting and link back to the post.
    5.) Monetize the traffic (adsense, affiliate, etc.)
    6.) Decide if you can profitably outsource items 1-4 and get this in place
    7.) Sell the site.

    So, essentially what you'll end up with is a "hub" site for UFO sightings that's relatively automated. Ideally you'll be cashing in on the buzz that happens after a UFO sighting is reported.
  • Chris,

    Thanks for the input. I've been digging around on Flippa over the past few days looking at what I can realistically do and how much I can sell the site for.

    I've noticed a lot of these type of sites are autoblogs running WP Robot. That said, with PR3+ and a few hundred uniques/month they can easily retail for $400 or more.

    I was going to go ahead and purchase WP Robot but again wanted to slow down and think about what I'm doing before charging ahead and blowing $165 on WP Robot only to find I need to spend another $300 or huge amounts of time marketing the site and getting it noticed. The big appeal to Flippa buyers seems to be that the process is automated and the site can make money without them doing anything.

    With that in mind, I could throw in the details for the individiaul to whom I'd outsourced couldn't I? They could carry on posting content and driving traffic to the site after a sale without WP Robot and perhaps more effectively!

  • Automation is certainly a selling point for buyers. You can provide the info like you said or perhaps charge a monthly fee to the new owner and you can manage the site for them. That's a nice way to get some post-sale income if you can find the right buyer.

    I'm not crazy about wp-robot personally, but I won't argue with your findings about what people are buying.