Couple of questions to get me pushed in the right direction
  • Hi all, new here and have a question or two.

    I own 10 .info domains that I would like to turn, as well as a few .com's.
    Some are semi-keyword targeted. Solar,weight loss,forex, etc.

    I was wondering which would be a better direction with these? Blog or review, or ebook-sales page?

    I don't need to make a killing on them, I would just like to get rid of them and use em
    to get my feet wet. I have access to some PLR and a cheap source of articles, but
    having a hard time deciding on which way to go with each. Some, I have thrown up a ready made niche blog on and others have a review site, and some have nothing yet.

    Anyhow, I'm just looking for some advice or a swift kick in the pants to give me a direction to run with over the coming weekend so I can get them listed asap.

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  • Here are a few thoughts:

    1.) It sounds like these would be considered "turnkey" sites (sites with no traffic or revenue), is that right? Just so you're aware, it's tough to make a profit selling these types of sites on Flippa unless you've got something like hosting on the backend you can make money from. However, there are a couple of sellers that do well with this type of approach. Their names are "Sun Shine" and "SmartBusiness". However, I have a feeling these guys/girls "bend the rules" on Flippa.

    2.) In general, I'd recommend looking over the sold sites on flippa in the niches you're looking to target to find out which type of site seems to be doing well.
  • Yes, for the most part they are. The .info's were to be autoblogs but only one actually made it. Would it be worth my time to
    finish the autoblog process? or should I just check out the sellers listings you mention and try to emulate them as close as possible?
    They sure aren't making anything just sitting in cyberspace.
    One (.com) however is a gaming blog with some traffic and a PR1, was 2 until I stopped posting because I have no interest in gaming or writing articles. lol

    However I do have some time to possibly kick the .coms up a notch and make them worthy of some decent cash.

    Btw. Thanks for a quick response.

  • Hi Mike,

    What you do with the sites kind of depends on your goals. If you just want to get rid of them and learn from the experience, put as little time as possible.

    Regarding the autoblogs, take a look at this search on Flippa and tell me what you see: ... n&tld=info
  • Thanks again man!
    Thats eye and mind opening. Never crossed my mind to try that search. Kinda feel stupid now. LOL

    Helped me make a decision though.
  • No need to feel stupid. It's just something I need to put more emphasis on in the course!