What should I do with these sites?
  • Although down the line, I'd like to be flipping websites full-time, I am currently web developing full-time and find myself in a position that there is way too much on deck.

    I need to get rid of some of my sites, but I'd like to know if you think it would be worthwhile trying to grow them a little and sell them at a profit. Obviously, its my time that is my most valuable asset so I want the best return on effort.

    No point busting my gut to double the value of a $50 site if it takes up all my time! Here are the sites I currently own and a little information about them (all are currently less than 1 year old).

    Forum with 12 members (only setup this week), PR0, linked to a fan page I own with 1600 members. Built some links a while ago, but only 97 uniques/month.

    Site and content born out of Market Samurai keyword research, PR0, basic linkbuilding done to give 165 uniques/month. Made about $75 this year through Adsense and Amazon associates.

    Created my own info product to sell here. Lots of linkbuilding gave it PR4 (in 2 months!) and 235 uniques/month but lost all on-site content last week and nobody was buying the product.

    The first site I bought on Digital Point forums last week to flip. PR3, alien news blog with Adsense. Think it might be a dud as you can see in another thread I posted.

    I know its a bit of a get-out presenting all these poor sites to the forum and asking for advice but I'm a complete beginner to site flipping. I've got way too much on deck right now and need to offload some of these to get my life back.

    I really don't mind dumping one or two in all honesty, but my problem is that I'm very rash, so I wanted to put it to the board before taking any action.

    Thanks for all your help guys!
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  • Before I give you specifics, I always like to "teach you to fish" first. Have you searched similar sold sites on Flippa to find out how much they might sell for?

    Have you contacted your hosting company for goteachthailand to see if they can get you a backup?
  • Thanks for the input Chris, the answer is always so %ucking obvious when its presented to you...

    I'll get onto the hosting company to find out more.

  • Thanks for suggesting the search of Flippa to see how I can make my sites profitable. Look at what sells and how much it sells for folks. You can also then figure out why two similar sites might have vastly different winning bids. Did one offer a great bonus? Did one come complete with autoblogging software?

    As an update to my own sites, here is where I'm at:

    GoTeachThailand.com - PR4, lots of good backlinks from guest posting but database is lost for good (Hostgator can't recover it). Could monetize, write up some content and make a bit of cash each month. I also have an information product complete that I had wanted to sell. My concern is that this could be a lot of work for not a lot of money.

    ReportsUFO.com - Mucked up the tracking code install and the site is getting decent traffic and making a bit of Adsense revenue. However, this won't last forever as its time sensitive content. Going to setup autoblog or semi-autoblog (human-powered) complete with social bookmarking and backlink system I think. Hopefully sell within 1 month for $400.

    PPB Diaper Bags Sale - Bought a PR boosting package on Fiverr.com. Still getting alright traffic but could use more content. Hopefully put a bit of content on here and maybe setup an autoblog system as above to sell within 1-3 months for $300-$400.

    Aprilia RS 125 Top Speed - Setup My BB forum this week, appointed two mods and offered a 25% profit share. One said he didn't care about the money and would do it for free. Almost 30 members already and averaging 30 uniques/day. Adsense setup today, bought 100 edu backlinks and 3000 link linkwheel on Fiverr. Not expecting much for the price I paid, but hopefully a bit of a traffic/pr/backlink boost. Want to try to work up to $50-$100/month...time will tell!

    Any thoughts or recommendations on my decisions?
  • 1.) For goteachthailand, it looks like google is still indexing some of the past pages. You can probably get some the content from Google's cache. Make sure you've got redirects in there for broken pages so you don't lose your link juice.
    2.) You're on the right track from what I see but I'd be careful with the autoblogging stuff. With Panda, this type of site isn't doing nearly as well but I'm not sure if lower end buyers are aware/care about that.
    3.) Keep focus on getting each site averaging $1/day+ consistently. If you can do that, I think you'll get close to the sales prices you're looking for.