Can I still flip my Xsitepro sites?
  • I'm always used Xsitepro to build my small niche sites. I know most people are in favor of using WP. I'm wondering if it is still good for me to continue to build my small sites with Xsitepro( it's faster and easier to use for me) or should I ditch that and just build all my new sites on WP... for the purpose of flipping at Flippa.

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  • WP is definitely the most popular choice for buyers and I would recommend it if it doesn't cause you too many headaches.

    If sites can be exported from xsitepro to basic html pages, there's no reason to mention xsitepro in your auction because I buyer could use something like dreamweaver to edit them if they wanted.
  • I'm an xSitePro user also and also like you have a preference to using it over Wordpress.

    If you go into Tools in xSitePro and click on 'Export to Frontpage / Dreamweaver' that should solve any concerns for sending on sites to buyers.
  • Hi!

    I'm pretty new here and am still reading through the modules. I've always used xsite pro myself. I've never learned WP basically because I've always thought xsite pro sites look better, so never bothered.

    Are there buyers that possibly just want WP sites though? I'm imagining they want them so they can modify what they want to. Maybe create the sales page in xsite pro and *gasp* finally learn wordpress to create site I'm flipping in?

    Am I going to miss out on potential buyers merely because the site is not in WP format even thought aesthetically it would look better in xsite pro?

    Advice or thoughts please?

  • Honestly wordpress is just an added benefit to an already quality site. If you're selling a quality site that has traffic, revenue, etc., not having wordpress is not going to significantly affect your price in my opinion.