How would you build links for this site?
  • I know lots of different methods for linkbuilding and I spoke with Stefan the other day about his move from blackhat to whitehat techniques. As I understand, since Google Panda went live whitehat techniques have become much more effective and blackhat SEO days are numbered.

    The site I'm trying to promote is I bought this about 3 or 4 weeks ago as my first foray into site flipping and I'm trying to build links to get more traffic and make the site more valuable. The site flipping course discusses linkbuilding through Ezine Articles, Yahoo Answers, Wikipedia and Google News.

    Stefan's conversation encouraged me to look at my competitors in, see where their most authoritative links came from and approach these sites for a backlink of my own.

    The thing I've noticed is that a lot of these high-authority sites are ancient and no longer updated, or are way out of my league (Huffington Post, BBC news etc). The content of my site is OK, but UFOs aren't something that I find particularly interesting or exciting so its probably not going to get any better.

    I'm really just interesting in getting more traffic so the site is easier to sell ads on and ultimately more easy to sell at auction.

    What would you do in my position?
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  • Glad to see that our conversation gave you some insight into the SEO side of the business. I think you should find people that are in the conspiracy-theory niche and write guest blogs for them.
  • Thanks Stefan, I think I just need someone to explain to me what I should do until I can see it working and bringing in've got way more patience than I think I'd have with me!

    I'll work through my list and pick out any high quality sites. The ones I do find, I'll offer guest posts to. I suppose in a way it is like the mafia...a foot soldier offers to do something for free for a small-time boss and gets a little promotion in the process!
  • So, I want to sell the site in about 4 weeks time. I decided that I can average about 3 guest posts per week between now and then so I wanted to find at least 12 guest post slots.

    I went onto Technorati and listed about 40 blogs that ranked for terms like 'ufo', 'alien' and 'paranormal'. I then checked their Page Rank and to ensure they were at least PR3 (what my site is already) and that they were relevant enough for them to be relatively easy for me to guest post on.

    I narrowed the list down to about 20 sites, contacted them all and already have setup 5 guest post slots!