Finding aged clickbank sites
  • I've been speaking with Justin of who as it turns out lives just a couple of miles down the road from me.

    We spoke for about 30 minutes the other day and after our conversation, I'd like my next purchase to be a site primarily monetized by a Clickbank product.

    Would anyone (probably going to be Chris who replies to me first mind) have any recommendations about how to find older Clickbank sites that are now in decline and would need a bit of work to start earning serious money again (but most importantly already have age, traffic and potentially a network of affiliates!).


    I guess one way would be to go through CB Analytics to find older products with lower gravity?
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  • Glad you got in touch with Justin. He's a great guy with great insight.

    We wrote an article on our blog about this ... red-bucks/

    Have you looked at ?
  • CB Engine is very handy, thanks for the link. Much nicer interface than CB Analytics too!

    I enjoyed your post and have been piecing together my own ideas all evening. Take a look at my long-term strategy and see what you think!