• Please i built these turnkey sites for quick flip www.socialtrafficwiz.com and trafficgigs.com but following most turnkey sites on flippa without earnings yet, i discovered that they rarely sale above $50 dollars now and this is my first flip to start with.
    Please i need i need a candid advise on this.thank
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  • There are two sellers who do well selling turnkey type sites. Look for them on flippa and tell me what you find. They are Sun Shine and SmartBusiness.
  • I had disregarded doing the turnkey thing but took a look at those two sellers and now reconsidering.

    In general they are both really pro. I won't write this all out but just copy and paste my notes:


    SmartBusiness- 9 offers current
    Avg $242
    100% positive
    Only .com

    Automated, instant profit, profitable biz, money maker

    Niches- harder to pin down exact niche
    Shopping portal, traffic and social media reseller, video blog, dating,

    Sells businesses, not just websites
    Thematic theme, Html site, Other scripts- dating, ??
    New site- offers collection of tutorials for getting traffic
    Descriptions- short, not hype, just plain text and bold
    Some sites 9-10 months old, a little traffic but no revenue claimed- probably built and then ignored
    Other sites- newly built
    'pro' look- logo and site, sites look 'full'
    Many kinds of monetization- main biz plus cbank and adsense
    BIN usually $280, sometimes up to $380
    No reserve
    Free site transfer and setup plus support forever
    3 day auctions
    Often mentions a specific realistic $ figure that can be expected from the site

    Sun Shine- 13 offers current
    Avg $150
    96% positive
    Com, net, org

    Established, x year old, x/m adsense income, net profit, unique content, unique design

    Niches- clearly defined niches
    Travel, forex, gaming, camping, im, realtor

    BIN usually $490
    Descriptions- longer, more colors, more hype than smartbusiness but still tasteful
    Built on aged domains (smartbusiness doesn't seem to go for aged domains)
    Free 1 year hostgator hosting
    List of plugins
    Mostly unique designs and content
    Attachment reports: social bookmarks, backlinks, blog comments
    Sites have 'pro' look
    Custom facebook and twitter pages


    My guess at the SunShine standard method: aged domain, pro design/logo, 6000 backlinks, 6000 blog comments, 200 social bookmarkings, facebook page, twitter page >>> list site on flippa.
    My question: seems like you would need a lot of the tools/expertise to do that yourself because outsourcing all of it would add up to an amount that would make it difficult to make a profitable sale.

    SmartBusiness method: use scripts and automated blogging plugins to build websites. Each site is focused on a certain business model, not blogs. Offer support and emphasize the business aspect.
    My comment: some of his sites are technically over my head, and some wordpress techniques look very interesting and like something I could learn to do. He seems to do well with aggregation-and-review sites in gaming and entertainment niches, which I could learn to build. Wonder if that market is saturated though.
  • Great write up. Thank you. I think you covered all of the important things I wanted you to understand. The only other unknown factor here is if they are participating in any shill bidding and/or promoting this to some kind of list in order to get their clearance rate so high.

    I personally would rather do 1 $10,000 site than 100 $100 sites, but that's up to you. I wanted to show you what it might take to scale up a turnkey style business. I hope it was insightful.
  • Good article about flipping turnkey sites here:

    http://www.flipfilter.com/blog/2011/01/ ... -a-seller/

    Flippa, like eBay or any other marketplace, is all about supply and demand. Figure out what people will pay more for and focus on delivering that!