Focus on site flipping or making money
  • I've come across a few business models that I know I can put to use to Meade money online. The thing is, I like site flipping as a long term business plan as it offers relatively quick capital growth but also the potential for long term, dependable income.

    Right now Ive got a few thousand dollars that I could spend but I'm not confident that site flipping will return. A full time income quickly, inspire of the healthy investment.

    Do you think it makes sense to dive in and devote all efforts to building a profitable portfolio or to grow it slowly as a side project?
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  • If you can reinvest, it's amazing how fast your income can snowball just buying established sites that are already making money.

    Here were my thoughts regarding your situation ... 91#pid9891
  • Thanks for the reply Chris, easy-to-follow steps as always!