Niches with rich buyers
  • I read a good article on affhelper about targeting niches with rich buyers instead of desperate buyers. Some recommended niches included

    [*]Sports flying[/*:m]
    [*]High end travel[/*:m]

    I like the idea of hitting these niches because competition is lower and buyers are wealthy. As a result, sales might be less frequent but the value of an individual sale could be very high.

    What do you think about targeting these niches?

    Additionally, flippa's year-end report identified the health, sports and automotive markets as offering the greatest site valuations. Wild these more widely known markets offer a better route for a novice like me?
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  • There are "guru" courses teaching all about finding and evaluating niches. The challenge is that you need to tie it back to your site flipping business model. For instance, I love buying sites that get a ton of quality traffic in a good niche but have never been monetized with advertising like adsense. In this case, I'm less concerned about if the buyers are rich or not and more concerned with how much advertisers are spending in the niche. Often these are linked, but not always.

    Also, can you clarify what you mean by competition is lower in these niches?
  • I've been mulling this over for the past few days and have concluded that so long as my site was making money, I'd be happy turning my hand to anything. This means targeting niches where money can be made relatively easily so I wouldn't have though there would be no need to deviate from classics like sports, gambling or health.

    The post I read highlighted these niches as ones in which the buyers would have a lot of money to spend and would potentially buy into the exclusivity of a high-quality yachting membership site that cost $150/month for example. When you can charge higher prices, you obviously don't need too many customers to make bank.

    It was also suggested that these niches would have lower competition which I could imagine being true (lots of micro-niche sites, forums, ecommerce and membership sites based on affiliate marketing for example but not so many based on sports flying or yachting). That said, the author didn't present anything to suggest that this was the case and, as I understand, we're looking for a niche that isn't saturated but does have competition usually so that we know there is money to be made.

    Am I right?

    tried to launch sites driven by what I know, what I like and what Market Samurai told me would be a high traffic, good CPC, low competition niche.
  • I work with guys like Yanik Silver who charge $10,000/month for access to training on how to get more clients for professional practices (like chiropractors). If you're going the membership site route, I think you're spot on. Buying a content rich site with traffic and converting it to a paid membership site can be a great strategy.

    If you're building your own product/membership site, what you're talking about regarding competition and niches makes a lot of sense.
  • Thanks for the input, based on what you suggested in my other post about devising a strategy, I'm going to let the marketplace dictate the type of site that I go for.

    As you've also suggested, my own interests, expertise and hobbies will hopefully narrow the prospective targets down further and ultimately I'll let SEM Rush point me in the right direction!