17 site bundle on flippa
  • Hi all,

    I'm selling off 17 sites in one go at flippa. One site has a steady $150 adsense income that is a month old with a special traffic method that will only be sold with this package. It could be used for a continual income from adsense over multiple sites. The rest are sites that could probably be monetized much better and sold off individually. I am selling them in order to get myself focused on just one thing at a time and not be worrying about
    too many sites at once. There is no reserve and the starting bid is much less than the usual 10 months income. Even the BIN is lower than 10 months income.

    So drop by and have a peek. My loss can be your next flip success story.


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  • Thanks Chris! I need all I can get.
  • Best of luck Mike, looks like a good offer for someone! Hopefully someone will take them off your hands.
  • Thanks man! It sure ain't a bad one. Hope they do too,
  • Did you not include your revenue numbers in the auction because you had less than two months or for another reason?
  • Hi Chris,

    It would not allow me to ad my revenue due to the reason that you stated. The money site being less than 2 months old.
    I did get a screen shot of the adsense income added on the third day it was up after some help from flippa.
    For some reason the attachment management would not upload a BMP image that I thought I had saved as a PNG. I realized it
    after talking to flippa and changed the format, then uploaded the pic of adsense.

    Bad mistake on a large auction but I'll have to be more carefull next time I guess.

    Thanks for commenting I appreciate you bringing it up.

    Btw. Just picked up CLPv2 and giving it a test drive.

  • Forgive my ignorance but what is CLP?