• I realize that this isn't exactly the best place to discuss SEO but since SEO is a very important part of flipping, I'll give it a shot :)

    So my question is how much effort do you put into onsite optimization? I've done a lot of wordpress-based sites and must say that I consider most optimization techniques fairly useless, other than the obvious, such as including your keywords within post titles and so on.

    Do you use and suggest any special SEO plugins, do any other tricks and think it makes sense to spend time on working your meta keywords and so on?
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  • I have 5 things that I consider essential to a seo-optimized blog:

    1. Use the Thesis theme
    2. Create xml + html sitemaps
    3. change permalinks to /%postname%.html
    4. use keywords as tag base and category base
    5. use custom rss feed (feedburner) - although this would fall into the off-site optimization

    there are a bunch of other little tricks and none of them are useless I can assure you :)