• Hello! I am new to site flipping, and in all honesty, new to building websites.

    My question - is there a resource that takes me through the 'technical' side of transferring a website (domain, and files) to the buyer? I have NOOO clue how to do this, and I want to learn before I put up an auction and then look like someone who doesnt know what they are doing when (if) I make a sale.

    Thanks in advance!
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  • http://flippingnetwork.com/forum/showth ... t=transfer

    Try using the search function next time ;).

  • Hi JasonG,
    It's on Flippa:
    I think I also saw it referenced on the forum but can't remeber where now.

  • I would also like to mention there are various ways of transferring a site. The easiest being just to keep them on your host, or letting them have access after payment (to your cpanel).

  • I am not positive, but, if they have access to my cpanel, can't they see all my other sites? :-\ i don't know - like I said, I am reallly remedial when it comes to the technical aspects of websites and stuff.

    I have hostgator hosting and in my cpanel it shows all my add-on domains and all the info for them - could I be harmed at all by allowing them access to my cpanel?
  • Jason probably the easiest thing to do is upgrade to a reseller package.

    When you buy websites to flip or even if you are creating a website and you know you want to flip it in the future, create a separate cpanel account for each website.

    When you sell the website offer them 1 month free hosting and just give them the log in to that cpanel account. They have 1 month to transfer the site to their host or you can charge them monthly afterwards.

    I wouldnt give anyone access to my cpanel.. but thats just me.
  • okay, I was thinking about upgrading to reseller hosting right now I am paying something like $10/month but the reseller hosting is like $24 - which is doable. I guess I need to learn how to make a separate cpanel for each website though - right now I go to the cpanel of the very first website someone helped me set up, and then go down to "addon domain" and do that - anyone familiar with hostgator and how to make a separate cpanel for each domain you have?
  • . . . For the sites I plan on flipping I always buy new hosting (reseller) with a dedicated IP. So sharing that cpanel access after payment isn't that big of a deal.

  • I've had a reseller account since my first days of Niche Marketing on Crack. NOW, it will come into even better use.
  • I cannot agree more that a reseller hosting is the way to go.I have not started flipping but it just became obvious this has got to be the only way I could safeguard myself,and as Brent said,offer buyers free hosting for as long as I want.If you are not on a tight budget,it's just $24.95 at Hostgator.
  • I'm surprised anyone's trying to get into the flipping market without a reseller account! The advantages of a reseller account above are spot on. Another advantage is offering free hosting to your buyers if they buy at BIN. Offer them 6 months or a year's hosting for free if they buy at BIN and you have nothing to do when the site is sold apart from transferring the domain name and giving them the passwords to the cpanel. 6 months or so down line you can setup a recurring payment of $5 a month for their hosting or let them transfer it all over to their own host. All you need is 5 customers and your basic reseller account is paid for!
  • That is a really good idea - so tell me then, lets say a year down the road I am able to successfully flip eh... 20 - 30 sites... someone mentioned that the reseller hosting is "unlimited" - if the $24 reseller hosting is unlimited at hostgator, why do they have the next tier's up that are more expensive?

    ALSO - is anyone able to tell me how to make a separate cpanel for each domain I buy? as of right now I only know how to go into my original (first) website's cpanel, and then go through the process of making an addon domain... so if I type in w3.my 3rd website.com/cpanel I am able to see the traffic info and everything from all of my websites because they are just "add-on domains" from my first...

    these are the steps I take...

    1. buy domain
    2. transfer domain to my DNS from where I purchased the domain
    3. go to my original website and click add-on domain, and set up the new ftp name for the site

    thats it... once I make my site in xsite pro I publish it and the site is live... that is all I do and all I know.

    any little diversion from what I do right now to make it so each website has a separate cpanel?
  • Hostgator provides tons of tutorials to Manage your reseller account here:
    http://support.hostgator.com/categories ... anager-whm

    The one that specifically addresses your question is here:
    http://support.hostgator.com/articles/w ... an-account

    If you still have any problem,I will do a video for you where you can watch me create a package and an account for one of my add-on domains.