Sales Contract Template For Flipping
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    RE: Accepting payments for site sales

    (05-30-2010 05:57 PM)dignity Wrote: Any contract template here ?Sorry to be a bother...I am new to flipping and have to get this right as it's my main worry.

    We don't at the moment but if there's enough demand we will get something suitable up for you all to use.

    I would like to see a Sales Contract Template for the members. As Thomas has said above if there is enough interest and need for it, he will get something up for us.

    So I give it a big thumbs up.

    Ken Leatherman
    The Old Geezer
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  • I'm on it now...
  • Alright, with contracts there is no reason to try and be clever - just copy what's good.

    Here's a link to a contract you can use for websites and/or domains: ... t-of-sale/

    Thanks go to Clinton from EP for the great resource :)
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  • Thanks to Clifton and Thomas for such quick action.

  • Rushed to Clinton's site,and downloaded it.Didn't know it was already here.
    Hey,but the credit is primarily yours,Thomas.Thumps up to you!