Review of my first three sales
  • I've just sold my first three sites on Flippa. I don't think any of them were truly stellar but I was surprised by how poorly they performed.

    Reports UFO was earning very little but actually sold for $75 ended early. Aprilia RS 125 forums did not sell, I (naughty I know) fired in a bid of $75 after featuring the auction but it didnt sell at all...nobody outbid me. Possibly as I'm running mybb? Finally, PPB Diaper Bags Sale aaa old for just $50, despite having averaged $27 for the past few months.

    I didn't expect amazing sales value from these sites, but I'm pretty disappointed by all three. Where did I go wrong with these three? Niche? Quality of content? Length of domain?
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  • How many views and watchers did you get to each?
  • Don't know where to get this information; any suggestions?
  • If you login and look at your auction, you should see it on the right under "Auction Stats".
  • Reports UFO: 107 views, 6 watchers
    Aprilia RS125: 356 views, 5 watchers (I featured this one about 24 hours before it ended)
    PPB Diaper Bags: 225 views, 12 watchers

    I created a post on all three sites highlighting that the site was for sale and in the case of RS125, I messaged the site's Facebook group (1600 members) and PMed all forum members (about 80).

    Where did I go wrong with them?
  • Based on the low percent of viewers to watchers, I think the main issue is the lack of value in the sites. The main thing that stands out to me on your auction is the verified Google Analytics. The traffic was really low on all these sites. The people viewing your action just didn't see enough value to watch or bid on the auction. In some cases having really good copy and driving potential buyers to your auction can help this.

    Is there anything in particular you'd like to get feedback on or were you just looking for general feedback?
  • Yeah when your dealing with sites that have seem low in value you gotta really sell them in your auction listings.
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