Forum Contest - Main Prize a C6 Corvette ZHZ! - Let's Brainstorm!
  • Ok, ok - no Corvette's or Ferraris for that matter will be given away (but I can't see why not a 1979 Aston Martin V8 :P), but we should indeed run the very first site flipping contest in Internet's history, as proposed by enSo in his thread.

    I've started this thread to do a group-brainstorming, hopefully by the end of which we've figured out exactly how the contest will be ran, what will the rules be etc. etc. (and by this time we'll also have enough people who will participate).

    My initial thoughts (partly based on enSo's and aaa123's ideas) are following:

    [*]There will be a set number of "teams" competing, whereas a team can contain anywhere between 1 to 5 people.[/*:m]
    [*]Each team will randomly draw a niche on which they will build a site. The list of available niches will be confirmed beforehand and we should do our best to make them as similar as possible (competition-wise), yet not very similar as we'll be auctioning the sites simultaneously. Another option would be that we all get exactly the same niche, in which case the competition would be more fair as we're competing for the same keywords and the same buyers, however it may hurt us all as unless the niche is extremely hot, it will be difficult to sell 10 sites of the same kind simultaneously.[/*:m]
    [*]We will each start with a set budget, and it's not allowed to spend more than this amount.[/*:m]
    [*]Initially, there will be a 4-week SEO period, during which we will have weekly valuations to determine which team is currently doing the best and award them based on the traffic/revenue of their site.[/*:m]
    [*]After the SEO period, there will be a 1-week 'selling' period, during which all sites should be sold/auctioned. It's up to each team when they'll start the auction and where they sell their site (as long as the sale is via one of the pre-approved marketplaces), but by the end of this week all sites must be sold.[/*:m]
    [*]Winner are the team whose site sells for most money.[/*:m]
    [*]There is going to be a list of allowed incentives (such as 6 months free hosting, perhaps including a PLR product as a bonus, etc.) but those will be the same for each team and no other incentives (unless they fit into the promotional budget) can be offered.[/*:m][/list:u]

    That's all I can think of right now :) All input is greatly appreciated, especially on awarding the winner(s). My initial thought was that the winners will be paid a certain percentage of the losers' profit, making the main prize potentially rather huge :) - but all other suggestions are more than welcome.

    Let's make this happen!

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  • Sounds good.

    Few additions from me:

    - I think we should also allow leeway for people to buy established sites. If we keep the budget low then the team can decide where to spend their money. Some may spend 90% on promotion, others may spend 90% on the site. Also great to see which team has the best negotiating and/or DP trolling skills :)

    - Must use a fresh Flippa account. Prevents people with +12 trust, 100% feedback from beating the newer members.

    - No selling to previous customers :(

    - No traffic/revenue faking
  • Makes perfect sense.

    With regards to the budget, we should probably make a poll and see what everybody thinks but I personally reckon it should be rather lowish, something like $150-$250 so that everybody could participate, even newer members who don't have $xxxx budgets to play around with.

    And yeah, definitely no traffic/revenue faking. Most likely the best way here is to vote for an independent 'judge' who will have access to all information, i.e. GA data, revenue data (whichever the source of revenue) etc. and will make sure that everything's in order.
  • This competition sounds really awesome, great idea!

    In the case if newbies are allowed to participate it would also be a really great opportunity for us to learn from professionals about siteflipping. But I also think, newbs should be separated to the different teams and shouldn´t count on the number of team-members (just to obey fair-play, it would be countless to let a group full of beginners participate, you got my point?).

    I would be willing to write an "Beginners-Guide in Siteflipping" after this contest with all my experiences I collected about SF so beginners get an overview how to start with siteflipping. (Of course I could scensor the secret-methods if anyone wishes so).

    PS: I could be helpful in SEO, backlinks, getting traffic from social media, etc. and I can create eBooks..
  • Actually a rather valid point - what we can do here is do the competition in two 'leagues' so that those newer to the business wouldn't feel uncomfortable having to invest too much, and from the other side professionals wouldn't be limited to a tiny budget that doesn't allow any playing room ...

    What do others think?
  • I think it is best to have a level playing field. It's best if we can show what we can do with a small(ish) budget as this will be most beneficial to all our members.

    We can still have 2 leagues: "never flipped" and "have flipped". I think we should also have a small budget (around $100 each) - which means we will need to be more creative and clever with our budget.

    We should also be able dispense the current belief in certain flipping circles that selling startup sites is no longer profitable. I'd love to prove all the doubters wrong :D
  • I think the idea of a maximum investment of $100 each would be a good solution, for the ones that either have a limited budget (like me as a student) or for the pro´s (as meathead mentioned) it would be neccessary to handle the budget more intelligent and well sophisticated.

    The solution with 2 leagues is problematic (in my opinion) because I for myself would be helplessly lost in flipping, and in a team with others that never flipped before, the risik of failing would be too high in my eyes, since no one could correct us if we would make misstakes. So don´t you think that mixing the "never-flipped"-members into the groups wouldn´t be better?
  • I won't share my prize with anybody :P

    But don't worry - even if we go with 'never flipped' and 'have flipped' leagues as meathead suggested, the 'never flipped' guys most definitely won't fail. Not only will you have all the tips & tricks posted here (we've been live for barely 3 days and look at the information already available! :)) but you'll only compete with others who have the same level of knowledge than you, making everybody's chances pretty even.

    Of course no-one will stop experienced flippers from taking a few newbies 'under their wing' either :)
  • [quote="bryanon"]
    Of course no-one will stop experienced flippers from taking a few newbies 'under their wing' either :)

    If they do so that would be extremely appreciated! :angel:
  • Great idea! This is so exciting! As mentioned before, I think that the best option would probably be the one where we have two leagues, the "never flipped" and the "have flipped", it would allow newbie’s such as myself to actually participate and feel that we're actually in the competition. I would love to work in a team and I'm surely up for such a competition. Hopefully time constraints won’t be much of a problem for me.
  • I've never flipped a website :angel:
  • This is such an epic idea... Seriously, if this happens I can't wait to join in ^^

    A 100$ budget sounds pretty alright imo, enough to either buy a cheap site or to buy a domain, hosting and some SEO stuff.
    The following should be against the rules btw: "1 day flip, 1 day flip, 1 day flip, 3 day bigger flip" because this way they can expand their budget with A LOT and that shouldn't be allowed :p
  • Wow! I am beginning to like this forum more and more...

    Yes, 2 leagues! And possibly another one when someone with experience partner with another one who is new...

    Not sure what the outcome will be.

    I feel the benefit is that more people can work from home and spend more time with their families.

  • Fantastic idea!

    And yes, a beginner's league would be a great addition. Can't wait! :)
  • We're rapidly moving towards 100 members so it's almost about the time to get this thing started!

    I'll mark it down in my schedule and hopefully we'll have the main concept ready and the dates set already in a bit.
  • I'm hoping I can join this. I'm a total noob at site building, but I'm decent at link building. I definitely need some experience in learning how to pick and choose which ones to buy or which ones to build.
  • Fantastic idea guys.A site flipping contest wow.Can´t wait to get this thing going.I never flipped a site before so i guess ill be in the newbies team.
  • Oh my.....what a lofty idea ! Ideas of this sort would gradually turn this "Flipping Network" into a "family".Thumps up Bryan and Thomas !

    This is how business should be run - the strong helping the weak - unfortunately,ours is a world of inequality where everyone tries to outdo the other. idea.Since we seem to have agreed on having "teams" made of persons with varied experiences,I think one of the best ways to measure people's level of experience is to set up a poll/survey.Now the success of this poll will rest squarely on our being totally honest with the answers we give to all the questions to be asked.We would need to appeal to everyone to answer the questions as conscientiously as poosible.

    A panel consisting of Bryan,Thomas,Trinity and one other person could brainstorm the questions to be asked.The goal of the survey will be to assess the skill sets of members of this flipping network.Such skill sets may include, but not limited to:

    Internet Marketing (basically SEO)
    Negotiating Ability
    Monetization Skill
    Flipping Skill

    From the varied skill sets analyzed from the poll,members can then be shared into teams where different skill sets will compliment each other.In this way,we would have provided some measure of level playing field for the five teams.

    Just my 2 cents.Keep up the good work,guys.
  • Cool, great idea! Who want to team up with me lol :P
  • Any news on the contest? It would really benefit everyone. Awesome, awesome idea!
    Count me in if it's on the go :)
  • I actually like this idea. At the end of the separate contests, put together the finals like exp vs. in-exp. Or you could do mixed teams, where you have 1 exp person and 2 in-exp for each team(maybe more im just blabbing)
  • Great idea, I'm definitely willing to participate!
    We should have everyone who signed up for the competition (and is serious about it) put together in fair, selected teams. The admins can decide who to place in which team depending on their skill (5-player team: 3 newbies, 2 experienced, 1 professional for instance).
    We should also have a competition category, each team having their own private forum where they can discuss strategies etc.

    Just my two cents.
  • Just read throught this thread, i deffinitly want to join this game.
    I never flip a site before.
    Looking for more update