• Heya guys! New member here. Just joined and i wanted to introduce myself.Im Krayzie and i came here from MMD Forum.Looking forward to get to know you and hopefully start making some money.
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  • Hey mate,

    Welcome to the forums. Hope you learn a lot here - feel free to ask a ton of questions as we all love to help :D

  • Thanks Thomas! Just read the ebook TWICE and i think now its time to take action.I still need to read it again and takes notes of the most important parts in the ebook.Great read btw.So now here comes the first question.

    Now i still have some money left in my pocket ( not much only $50 or so maybe more ) after i bought the Killer Flipping Secrets so my question is wich is the best way to start this?I have never flipped a site before but i want to start working right away and recover the investment asap.So im looking first for a quick flip and then move on and expand my site flipping projects.
  • yes Thomas,I'm also on the same boat.Looking forward to your advise.
  • Hi,welcome to FN. I am also new here!