Hello from India
  • Hello,

    I am Nikhil Gangoli from India.

    I have been in IM for a long time and never made any money - lost a lot in fact by buying IM products which I did not make use of.

    Now I am hoping to make a fresh start by trying to flip websites. This is something that I have never tried before. AS Chris mentions in the WSO thread - this is a line of business where you will see results - favorable or unfavorable - within a short period of time. Within a matter of days. No need to wait 6 months for good SEO placements.

    I was very impressed by Chris' intelligent answers to all the questions that were posed to him in the WSO thread. That and his confidence in his product - a 200% guarantee - has induced me to now try it out. I bought the product yesterday and downloaded it but have not started reading as yet. I will start tomorrow and hope to have one complete reading finished by evening.

    A bid hello to all of you here and I hope I can help and be helped, learn new skills and make some money.

    warm regards

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  • Hello. Great to have you on board!