Flippa Auction Upgrades
  • I plan on doing my first flippa auction on Sat. I am thinking of making the BIN between $4,000 and $5,000.

    I know you guys preach featuring the listing, but if you were selling a site for this much would you feature it more than once?

    Also do you suggest using any of the other upgrades?

    Listing Title in Bold — $5

    The title of your listing on the front page or in search results will appear in bold to make it stand out and get you more traffic!

    Listing Row Border — $8

    Your listing will appear with a border around it both on the front page and on the listings page.

    Listing Row Highlighted — $5

    Your listing will appear highlighted in color both on the front page and on the listings page.

    Screenshot on Listing Row — $12

    Your listing will appear with a screenshot next to it on the listings page.

    I guess a good question would be.. what upgrades do you suggest for any mid x,xxx and up sells.

    And what upgrades do you suggest for xxx to low x,xxx?
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  • I use highlighted. Just out of habit more than scientific research.

    With XXXX sites I tend to feature quite often. Once at the start, a few times in the middle and right at the end too. It will end up costing you about an extra $100 but it's well worth it for the added exposure to different timezones and buyers.

    Bear in mind with XXXX sales buyers generally take a little longer to decide. You won't get a BIN inside an hour :)

    Sometimes you have to be a little patient and let it run out towards nearing the end of the auction. Be really proactive with people who are interested and try get them on IM/Skype/Phone to answer questions.