• Hey all,

    Although im bloody ill today i'm still determined to get some stuff kicked off.
    I'm looking for a solid long term JV with someone who already has some exp with the game of flipping.

    Im looking to be building a portfolio from today with Quick and mid flips with some stuff already eyed up.

    Skype is a must as i'd like communication to be immense and also good use of email is a must.
    I dont care if you dont have any skills such as coding, design, seo as alot will be outsourced anyway but obviously it's a bonus whatever the weather.

    If your interested, hit me up here with a PM or just reply and we can get down to business with a call and what not.

    Cheers all :)


    P.S - Not a must but a pref, i'd like to be able to "share" outgoings split down the middle obviously so all takings can then be split aswell.