What you think of this?
  • Cellgang.com
    Iv'e done all my homework on it and all checks out quite well.

    20,000 UV a month with most of it being indian and 2nd USA but that doesnt make any odds to me as the earnings are adsense.

    145K Alexa - 7 months old - Average $3-$4 a day. On top of this there is a small amount of cpm.

    $600 ......... What ya thinky?

    CTR is about 0.10% ish this month hitting 0.20% but the placements and the site in general is absolute pants.
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  • ahh pish, sorry better learn to use the search bwhahaha :P
    i nailed them down pretty hard too, however i still wanted more from then in terms of proof etc.
    Cheers Brent !!!
  • Hey np! I wasn't suggesting you should have used the search feature, but just wanted to give you a heads up about the other thread.
  • Nah thats kool bro, appreciated :)
  • Yep, be very careful with that person. I thought I stumbled across a really good deal too but things started to not check out with her. For example, she shows you a screenshot of the US being the 2nd most amount of traffic, but if you check it out on Alexa.com, all the traffic is from India and Pakistan.

    That seller also has about 5 other sites that are almost identical to cellgang.com. There could be a legit reason for this, but I'm not sure why you need 5 different sites all focused on Nokia phones.

    I called her out in her DP thread and she got real defensive to me in a PM and then proceeded to just make a new [WTS] thread to try and catch someone else.

    Good thing you came here to ask.
  • Yeah i kept on bashing her aswell into more proof and it just wasnt coming, i checked out Alexa too and it just didn't seem 100% right so thats why i came here. Good shout!

    However, what do you think of -- Bugabooparka.com -- 1st page of google for bugaboo parka and columbia bugaboo parka -- new site, shit layout, some decent searches id say.