• I've been on a lot of IM forums (and martial arts forums, I used to teach that professionally), even VIP in a couple. This is, BY FAR, the most supportive and useful forum I have ever been on!
    You all deserve a great deal of congratulations!
    Well done (and keep on doing)!

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  • FPN does rock =].

  • I agree with you Buddy.

    I guess that's the beauty of a private forum. People aren't afraid to let loose and help each other out. I have more posts here than I do on the warrior forum after being there for a year.

    P.S. I'd love to learn martial arts some day.
  • I do agree aswell, keeping it private allows for quality from everyone.
  • Thanks guys (and girls - sorry Trinity :D).

    Just a FYI - we have no intention of making the forum public in the near future. We may open up a few of the sections to the public, as a teaser, so to speak (success stories being one that springs to mind) - but it's highly unlikely the whole forum will become open. Myself and Bryan do invite industry contacts in from time to time (e.g. Luke from Flippa, Justin from FlipFilter) - but generally it's customers only. We're launching publicly in the next week, so depending on affiliates, we're expecting member numbers to shoot up substantially and hopefully we'll continue to have an awesome forum.

    As an extra FYI, I'm a complete techie-noob, so any threads helping out those who need technical help are much appreciated!