My First Site Brokerage Deal
  • Hi there,

    I just wanted to share how my first site brokerage deal is shaping up. It has over 43 hours to go till it ends, and so far has received 11 bids. ... iche-Sites

    I have had numerous PMs and emails from interested parties on Flippa and elsewhere, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they will be bidding furiously on this towards the end. Many thanks to Thomas and Bryan for being so helpful in offering suggestions and advice on this first deal of mine!

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  • Great job Paul!

    Is this a brokerage deal you got from Bryan and Thomas or one that you went out and got yourself?
  • Thanks Brent!

    Bryan and Thomas were the ones who offered this deal to members here, but ultimately it was the site owner's decision on who he picked to represent his site.
  • Thats great. Such an awesome way to gain a little cash and build up your Flippa profile.
  • This is true, Brent. I've been reading about your quick flip efforts, I certainly hope you do well on your first few sites. It's great that the quick 7 day model that Thomas and Bryan outline in the guide can be employed quite easily and profitably via sprucing up the income by selling text links. Have you found it to be pretty easy to do (selling text links) in digitalpoint?
  • Thanks Paul.

    We are actually doing a mid flip. We are going to hold it for a month and then flip it.

    I haven't tried selling any text links yet. No one on DP wants to talk to me cause I have no posts. (working on that right now.. I am up to 2! lol)
  • Congratulations and good luck.

  • What is the best way to deal with the DP post limitations?
  • Start making more post and learn the best virtue in the world "patience". Or you could buy a digitalpoint account. . .

  • Lao, I really wouldn't consider this a "limitation". All you really need to do is start posting consistently on a daily basis, and make sure you post cogent and helpful responses, not one-liners! ;)