My First Brokered Site is now on the First Page of Flippa's 'Most Active' Listings!
  • Just thought I'd share this with you to motivate you guys a little bit. :) I was thrilled to find out this morning that my first brokered site has been featured on the first page of Flippa's 'Most Active' listings, with 14 bids so far. This should attract a fair amount of attention to the listing, and also eliminates me having to pay to feature the site at the end of the listing (something that Bryan and Thomas recommend).

    Once again, here's my site listing - ... iche-Sites

    I'm just keeping my fingers crossed now that bidding will be fast and furious in the final 24 hours!
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  • Good work! I would be interested in seeing what price for which the site is finally sold.
  • Thanks Lao. I've been getting rapid-fire PMs during the last few hours from many interested parties in Flippa, and in my book that is always a good sign! All this drama is keeping me glued to my computer screen, lol.