Big Hello From Baltimore MD
  • Hey everyone My name is Jerome,

    I'am 20 yrs old, always had an interest in investing in real estate&buying/selling websites but never took massive action. As destiny has it, I'am a Messaging Support Engineer, basically means that I'm that computer guy fixing people's computers and answering telephones.

    I'm not really liking that choice of work anymore, as I don't like all those hours I'm putting in (50+hr weekly) all while trying to finish my bachelor's in college.
    So I decided to take my first step to start a small buying/selling website business to replace my income and earn my freedom. I haven't been in the videos yet, following the steps, but I like the sound of Dragon.

    With strong determination, I'm happy to be here and hope to have support of the forum while I try my best here as well.

    Also, I was reading the rules of the forum and the section about proxies and different IP's came up. I plan to log in during break times at my workplace and of course login at home. SInce those two places are on different IP's does that mean I can only log in on my home computer to not set off false alarms of my account being compromised?
  • Great to have you on board! It's more of an issue when you're simultaneously logging in from multiple IP's. Just remember to log out when you're done at each of the locations