What should I do with my 99 mini sites?
  • Hi,

    I have 99 mini sites.

    Here are some of them: 






    All websites are with EMD (exact match domain), with the keyphrase with 1000+ [exact match] searches, and CPC $1+.

    I've had purchased them for one years ago from WarriorForum, with hope of making a lot of money.

    But I haven't invested so much on them, and they are not making any kind of money that's worth mentioning (they are making just some pennies).

    What should I do with them?

    Where and how should I sell them?

    And in what price?

    I have my own store where I think to sell them for 50 dollars each via WarriorForum, but what do you think? (here is my website: KaragozWeb.com)

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  • There are a few options: 

    #1 You could try bundling 5-10 sites together and selling them on Flippa.com.  You'll need to put emphasis on the exact match domains and the amount of searches they are getting.  If you have any with potential of getting to page 1 of Google with a little SEO work (maybe on page 2 now) then I'd also emphasize that too.

    #2 Look at posting a few in Warrior Forum or even Ebay.  There are a lot of crap sites on Ebay, so if you have anything worth something you could stand out.

    #3 Find buyers by searching the key phrase for the exact match you own and look for people on page 2,3 or 4 and send them an email that you are selling the domain and site for $100.  See what they come back with.  

    Let us know what you decide to do. I'd like to hear how it goes.
  • Abdullah,

    I'd recommend looking at the system http://adsenseflippers.com/ uses. They get the EMD's ranking and monetize them. Then they bundle them on Flippa for sale.

    It wasn't clear in your post if the sites are ranking yet for their terms, but that would be the first step.
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  • No, my sites isn't ranking for their terms.