Hello from Northern California !!!
  • Hello Everyone,

    I would first like to thank David & Chris for having this website for all of us to learn from! My name is Betina and I am very excited to learn all I can about flipping websites!!!  I am a stay at home Mom and have a goal of making a full time income from home by buying, investing and selling websites!!! I would love to retire my husband who works very hard to proved for our family. I know with determination,work and the information from the community of this website I can achieve my goals.Thank you again David and Chris!! 

  • Great to have you aboard.  I know that making money online sounds great and a lot of people talk about how wonderful it is.  I will be honest though.  Initially, when you are building the business there is WORK!.  :)  You can set up the business while you build it to be less work.  Which is key.  Thanks again for the post.  
  • Hi David,

    Thank you for the reply and being honest about building a business. I am ready to do all the WORK needed to have a successful business and to achieve my goals. Thank you for sharing your knowledge to help others become successful.