WTS - Established Authority Blog AVG $275/Month
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    URL: DungeonMastering.com

    This site has won one of the industry's most prestigious awards (Enny) for “best blog”. The site has a great deal of unique intellectual property including a paid tool to help players with their game, 2 digitally delivered games, and a huge number of authority blog posts. We currently have an editor and several writers in place including a couple of the  “celebrities” in the niche which the buyer will receive introductions for. Over 4,000 subscribers in feedburner.

    The site earns revenue from sales of the games and tools currently processed through clickbank. In addition, the site earns revenue from adsense.

    This is a very hungry and passionate market. We have launched new products and new versions of the “tools” in the past and have seen solid sales. If you prefer to utilize advertising as your monetization, a simple change to the adsense layout and adding adsense to the rss feed, tools, and other key areas of the site should increase adsense earnings.

    Revenue History
    July 2012 $152.89
    June 2012 $240.94
    May 2012 $216.68
    April 2012 $234.00
    March 2012 $344.66
    February 2012 $216.46
    January 2012 $303.80
    December 2011 $324.33
    November 2011 $180.32
    October 2011 $417.90
    September 2011 $331.17
    August 2011 $360.54
    July 2011 $189.57
    June 2011 $173.46
    May 2011 $188.07
    April 2011 $369.33

    Asking: $4,500

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