Hello from Delaware
  • Hello to All! 

    I am currently learning all I can about investment strategies, laws, and other important topics that relate to ...well, doing what this community does best. I am confident that those who catch the 'wave' now are in for a nice 'ride' to financial stability. 

  • I couldn't agree more Al.  I believe we are at the beginning stages of this industry and we only have a small period of time to take advantage while the window is open.  Soon, we'll have a lot more buyers in the market and more savvy sellers - asking for a lot more money than they are now.  

    The nice thing so far, based on what I've seen - the laws regulating a lot of the online business is pretty minor (again an opportunity) because we know government will come in eventually and regulate everything even more.

    Glad to have you as part of the group.
  • Great. Thanks!

    On that note, where could I find additional information on the current laws that might affect this type of business?
  • I set up Google Alerts with phrases related to the laws and our industry (Buying websites, selling websites, brokering websites, etc.)  It's not perfect, but it does pick up the latest news about anything related.  The other thing you can do is search the US Congress website for existing bills in committee.  These are being discussed but not yet passed.