Hi From The U.K.
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  • Hi Everyone

    This looks like a great opportunity.
    I'm sure Chris and David will be good mentors.
    Just one thing....I'm from the U.K. Will this limit me in any way?

    Looking forward to learning about this business.

  • No worries about where you are located.  The program works for people all over the world and we've had students from just about every continent.  We look forward to having you in the member area.  Be sure to ask questions here in the forum with anything you need.
  • Hi, Nigeria sends greetings!
    I am very optimistic about this forum, having heard so much from my friend as to how good mentors you guys are.As a Nigerian wont Payment option be my limitation since paypal circled us out? (very unfortunate,they are losing out on some honest Nigerians on legit biz).
  • Sorry, just saw that nigeria isn't in paypal system as I suggested that for another comment you made.  What is a common platform you use for out of country transactions in nigeria when buying on sites from around the world?